What I Wore during Sorority Recruitment + Tips and Tricks for Surviving!

recruitment lookbook 5

Hello internet gals, sorority members, and wonderful pnms!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! Today I want to talk to y’all about my recruitment experience this year and and what I wore as a senior on the chapter side.

A little bit of background here: I go to Mizzou, which has one of the largest formal recruitments in the country. I have been a PNM, chapter recruiter, Panhellenic Counselor, and behind the scenes of my chapter running parts of our recruitment. Needless to say, recruitment is my jam! I love seeing how the strongest of bonds can be formed in a matter of weeks and all that hard work paying off when the new members run home to their chapters on bid day. With all this experience, I decided to show y’all what I wore as a senior during formal recruitment this year and give everyone a few tips for doing your best as a PNM!

recruitment lookbook 2recruitment lookbook 21recruitment lookbook 4

This was the outfit I wore for the first two days of recruitment at Mizzou, known as Open House Day. All pnms are invited to every single chapter and over the course of two days, they meet 3-4 women at each house and get to know them a bit.

This outfit captures my chapter’s personality well, which is the goal of Open House Day. We love our bubble skirts and the berry shirts paired with fun strappy black stilletos. Mine are from Steve Madden and were surprisingly comfortable due to all the support from the straps.

For accessories, I went for my favorite bracelet from J Crew, which I wore every day as a memory aid for the PNMs and my simple diamond studs. Letting the outfit shine was a great call, and who doesn’t love the giant “worth it” on the back?!


recruitment lookbook 25recruitment lookbook 30recruitment lookbook 23recruitment lookbook 28

The next two days in Mizzou’s formal recruitment is Philanthropy day, which is many of our member’s favorite days! As a Theta, we get to tell around 1500 women all about CASA, or Court Appointed Special Advocates. It’s such a special cause to our hearts and Thetas all over the country. Being in a sorority involves quite a bit of dedication to your given philanthropy, so passion is a must!

For this day, we wore this STUNNING blue t-shirts with gold foil writing that I will be breaking out again for sure. I found these cute laser cut shorts from Topshop, which look girly without having ruffles or anything. They were so summery, especially paired with gold gladiator sandals that I found at Nordstrom Rack. My favorite accessory of this outfit though, was definitely the Kendra Scott beauties hanging from my ears. They are so funky and fun, which matches my personality perfectly!


recruitment lookbook 8recruitment lookbook 9recruitment lookbook 10recruitment lookbook 11recruitment lookbook 20recruitment lookbook 14recruitment lookbook 22

Our fifth day is Sisterhood Day, which is my personal favorite! This year’s theme was sleepover, which was so dreamy and fun. My earring game grew even stronger this day, with some serious candy from BaubleBar. I am obsessed with these glam tassel earrings in the perfect shade of blush. I can’t get enough of this color!

I was equally obsessed with this dress from LuLu’s. It features a pretty basic front, which is perfect for awesome accessories. The main showstopper though is definitely that back! I love that the dress is longer and higher necked so the completely open back doesn’t look too out of place. The pattern on the ribbon around it is the perfect finishing touch, too. The bow accent is seriously so cute and I got compliments on this piece all day long.

PS: check out me reppin’ my chapter’s hand sign above!

recruitment lookbook 6recruitment lookbook 19recruitment lookbook 12recruitment lookbook 13IMG_9418.JPG

The final day of the recruitment process is Preference Day here at Mizzou, and as a senior it was so special!! At Theta, we always wear our black professional dresses and gold jewelry. The goal is to let our ceremony and hearts shine through. I bought my dress from Nordstrom via Calvin Klein and plan to wear it to job interviews as well. I actually had to get it tailored because it was so long on me (I’m 5’6!) so all my shorties out there look out! The gold zipper on the back especially drew me to the dress as I am for sure a “gold” person.

recruitment lookbook 27recruitment lookbook 26

Above are a few photos for what I wore to bid day! It was a super early morning but my Stila lipstick held up wonderfully. Truman, our school mascot, was there and my roommate and I got the cutest picture! Bid day is one of the best days ever and it was very bittersweet as a senior.

One of the things I kept mentioning in this post was how the things I wore matched my personality or my chapter’s personality. This is so crucial! If you’re not a trendy gal, don’t wear chokers and liquid lipstick. If you hate the typical sorority uniform, don’t wear Lily Pulitzer and pearls. I promise, women in each and every chapter dress differently from each other. You can find many different people in each chapter that it’s so important to be yourself.

When you’re going through as a pnm, I would 100 percent recommend leaning on your pi chis. There can be a lot of rumors flying around and high stress levels, so those women are key. The have given up their chapter to support you. How crazy is that?? Someone who’s entire job right now is solely to support you.

Finally, keep an open mind. You may think you know which sisterhood is a perfect fit for you on day one, but your real home is one you never saw coming! All my friends going through recruitment thought Theta would be perfect for me and I didn’t think so until three days in. I met my big during philanthropy round and fell in love soon after that!

Let me know in the comments if you’re going through or if you’re old like me, if you like recruitment or not! It’s one of the most special times of year for me so I’m so glad I was able to share it with y’all!

XO, Kackie

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