Today I tried… Industrial Barre!

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Hi friends!

Today I am starting my Today I Tried Series, which covers new activities and adventures I have, but especially focusing on wellness! I have discovered quite the passion for healthier lifestyles since moving to Portland and decided to sign up for two weeks of Industrial Barre. I used a Groupon for 2 weeks of unlimited classes for 35 dollars, which I thought was a great deal. Everyone from the front desk assistant to the instructors were the nicest, most welcoming people. I was initially worried things might be awkward, but the people in my classes were super friendly too! Overall, I loved my experience and would definitely go back!

The Studios: They have two locations at Broadway and Sellwood in Portland. They are seriously some of the most beautiful workout facilities I have ever seen. It looks like the inside of a luxe sauna got turned into a barre studio inside a former factory from the 1940’s… if that makes sense. There are metal accents everywhere and absolutely beautiful wood and light fixtures. I felt right at home.

The Workout: This may be a bit controversial but I would actually say that these classes were harder than most workout or barre classes I’ve taken. They combine traditional barre moves with yoga and pilates (emphasis on the abs!) I loved the frequent lengthening exercises via “puppy” pose after intense bursts of bicycle abs. By far though, the hardest part personally was the thigh work. My legs were shaking so badly from all the work done on relevé. It burns like crazy when they have you add the band! One thing I wish was that there was more of an emphasis on arm work. Something about using free weights makes me feel so empowered!

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Definitely wear a tank top and leggings. Not only will you feel like a beautiful ballet dancer but your shirt won’t hang over your head in downward dog!
  2. Talk to people before the class. Ask how the instructor is, what their favorite move is, etc. I made multiple friends to struggle through the hour with this way!
  3. Make great use of their beautiful shower and restroom facilities afterwards. They have everything from conditioner to dry shampoo to curling irons to have you looking and feeling your best. It is important to note though that barre here isn’t the sweatiest of workouts. They do a great job of keeping the fans going!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried something like this or will try I Barre afterwards! I would love to hear about your experience.

XO, Kackie

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