Weekend Guide in Austin, Texas

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Hi everyone!

So this past weekend I traveled to my home town of Austin, Texas for a girl’s weekend with my bestie, M. We were so lucky to get to stay at my grandparent’s home with a pool for the whole weekend, but everything else we did was essentially unfamiliar to me. I really wanted to experience the mature side of Austin that I didn’t get to as a kid, so that meant sushi dinners and bar scenes galore!

For all of my girl’s trips, I love to start out with getting blowouts so we don’t have to worry about our hair for the entire trip. My hair takes about 45 minutes to style so having someone else do it saved me overall time and I got to feel so pampered. We went to Blo Blow Dry Bar and here’s our after shot!

austin trip 10

Fab, right?! Next we did some major damage at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale at the Domain. You can check out this blog post for more info on all the goodies I found there! I also stopped by Francesca’s and will definitely be posting my haul from there soon, too.

One of the things I would totally recommend when going to a bigger or more trendy city is to check out their local farmer’s market. Austin has several, but my favorite is the one downtown. I got pineapple and greens Kombucha and it was to die for!

austin trip 2

For dinner, I wanted to try a new sushi bar that was getting awesome reviews online called Piranha Killer Sushi. It was soooo good and I loved their “sexytinis” even more. You can check out a pic of the sweet drink below. We ate so much edamame and nigiri, i was in total sushi heaven.

austin trip 3

Then, we went to go watch the bats fly out from South Congress bridge, which I so highly recommend for any first timer to ATX. They take their sweet time coming out though, so consider yourself warned! It was so sweet to see something through new eyes, as my friend had never seen the bats before.

Finally, we stopped by an important Austin institution, Amy’s Ice Cream! You can check out some of their unique flavors below and their crazy yellow duck. Shops that are wacky like this really carry the “Keep Austin Weird” slogan! My favorite is Belgian chocolate with Oreo crushins.

austin trip 11

The next day we stopped by Jo’s Coffee for a morning pick me up and you can see some better details of my outfit. The white dress comes in two colors, including the most stunning royal blue, and definitely kept me cool while walking around town. I paired it with my favorite, slightly funky earrings from Kendra Scott. She’s my favorite jewelry designer and is from Austin too!

austin trip 4

We had Chuy’s for lunch, but honestly I would go there for every meal if I could. Their margaritas are serious business and their creamy jalepeno sauce makes my mouth water. They have locations all over the country now, but the original is something special.

austin trip 8

For all those Texas history buffs out there, I included this pic of the inside of the Texas House of Representatives. The Texas Capitol is seriously so beautiful (and taller than the U.S Capitol!!) We loved the pink granite and the architecture the most.

austin trip 12

As for nightlife, we went to both Rainey Street and Sixth Street and I would 100 percent recommend Rainey! Everyone should try Sixth street at some point if they want to, but Rainey Street feels like no where else. It’s a street of refurbished older homes turned into bars with loads of outdoor seating, string lights, and games. We loved one bar in particular, called Icenhauer’s, which served only cocktails named after ladies! Here we are below enjoying the Kelly, aka the most DELICIOUS thing ever! It’s champagne, blueberries and a dash of strawberry syrup.

austin trip 9austin trip 14

Finally, after a loooooong two days but very fun ones, we cooled off at Barton Springs. This is an Austin classic, as the springs form a natural pool that’s around 65 degrees! It feels so refreshing in the summer and they have the most delicious organic popsicles. I got classic cookies and cream and my friend had blueberry lime. The water there was so clear and beautiful!

austin trip 13

Thanks for reading everyone! Let me know if you’ve been to Austin and what your favorite place is.

XO, Kackie

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Haul!

It’s here people!!! Today the biggest sale of the year (and probably something you’re a bit sick of hearing about tbh) is happening for the public and I could not be more excited. I shopped it on Thursday the week it opened but decided to keep what I got a secret until it opens till everyone can shop it. All of these items are BRAND NEW fall pieces that were just released, so deals like this won’t be coming around for a while. I also included one piece that wasn’t in the sale but will be going on sale very shortly as well. I paired everything with my trusty American Eagle jeans or Jeffery Campbell wedges so that you could focus on the stunning pieces. It also gives me the opportunity to actually style them for you later on so it’s a win-win!


nordstrom blog 11nordstrom blog 12

First up, I bought this beautiful Topshop sweater with a lattice back and bell sleeves. I loved it paired with these boots, which I’ll get more into later! The sweater is so cozy and is very white, which is not a typical fall or winter color so I adore it already. It isn’t an off the shoulder top but I wanted to make sure y’all could see it really well.


nordstrom blog 10nordstrom haul 6

This cozy (times 3) sweater from BP has me ready for Fall now! It comes in a variety of colors but i already own more oatmeal sweaters than common sense so I knew my wardrobe needed this beautiful forrest color. I think it looks professional and so chic while still being the coziest thing around.


nordstrom haul 16nordstrom blog 13

These awesome pink tennis shoes were my one impulse buy from the sale. I already had black and white tennis shoes but these cuties were love at first sight. In case you’re like me and are thinking “But Kackie, colors and I aren’t friends… how can I pull these off??” I included an outfit shot above. They’ve got more grey in them than first glance would show, which looks great and is totally wearable.


nordstrom haul 9

In the beauty section I bought the Jouer lip creme duo and the Stila stay all day set. I use the liner religiously so getting a cute little liquid lip for free was awesome! It’s a beautiful color for fall. I didn’t love the Jour duo though. They wear off crazy fast,even for a creme formula and the color is not as flattering on. I think the best route for beauty buys is buying things you already own and can get it at a reduced price or with a gift.


nordstrom haul 15nordstrom haul 18

I got this Caslon tee in three different colors and I have been loving them already. I got it one size up so I could tie it up or wear it long enough to cover me in leggings. They are the perfect length, super soft, and not too low of a cut. Plus, who doesn’t love a good frocket??


nordstrom haul 19nordstrom haul 20

Here’s a lil closeup of those to die for boots from Sam Edelman. He has been one of my favorite shoe designers for years and I couldn’t wait to add these suede beauties to my fall and winter wardrobe! They are the perfect amount of sexy and stylish while still being functional with a block heel. The color is seriously one of the most gorgeous shades too.


nordsrtom haul 8

In the jewelry department I picked up three pieces that I’m OBSESSED with. Two are from my all time favorite jewelry brand, Kendra Scott. I have so many pieces of hers and am always adding more. I have owned the druzy necklace before but have literally worn it to death for two years straight. It’s probably one of my favorite pieces ever! I also bought these gorgeous statement earrings I can’t wait to style for y’all soon. Finally, I saw this little monogram pendant necklace and knew it had to come home with yours truly. It flips over to reveal a K studded with crystals and it frequently revolves while wearing. I have gotten a ton of compliments on these one so scoop it up while ya can!


nordstrom haul 1nordstrom haul 2nordstrom haul 4

My absolute favorite item is this crazy cute dress from Topshop! It was not part of the sale as it’s definitely a summer piece but it’s been out long enough I’m sure it will go up for discounts asap. I thought the cut was so flattering and I am obsessed with the bow tie and all the ruffles. The bow helps cut down on any overwhelming factors and the little green dots add a splash of sweetness too. The blue and white striped trend is still in full force but I’ve never seen anything as stunning as this little number.


nordstrom haul 7nordstrom haul 5

Finally, this sweet thermal top will be perfect for layering under winter coats and cozying up under blankets on the couch. It’s a bit too low cut for me to wear to work or school, but this would make a killer “social sweater” The curved hem is absolutely beautiful and like I said before, oatmeal sweaters are the bread and butter of my lifestyle. Such a good basic!


Let me know in the comments what you bought at the sale or what you’re most excited about buying. Happy shopping friends!!

XO, Kackie

How to Get Out of a “Funk”

How to (1)Hey Everyone!

Today I thought I would touch on the mental health side of life with a little advice on how to bounce back! I’m sure many of you in college or in the adult world have experienced this many times. You know the waking up one morning, dirty hair, mascara baked under your eyes, your room’s a mess, no work has been done and there’s no food in your house? Whether it’s a night out, recovering from a flu, or a plain old bad mood, everyone has their own version of this. It can be hard to get back into a productive and healthy mindset but with these steps, you can be well on your way to a successful day!

  1. Grab a glass of water –  We are usually dehydrated so I love to go to my kitchen and pour myself a huge glass of icy cold water with a fresh lemon slice and get to feeling better. Nothing makes me feel better than this step!
  2. Make your bed and put on an awesome playlist – making your bed means you will be a lot less tempted to crawl back into it. It also helps because you now have one organized part of your space and a clear spot for folding or organizing. For playlist recommendations, I love Totally Stress Free or Blush Beats, both on Spotify.
  3. Wash your face and brush your teeth – Sometimes when you get stressed it can be easy to forget the basics of self care. Use your favorite face wash (mine is Kate Somerville!!) and get to feeling refreshed. I have a loooooong skincare routine, but sometimes all you need are the basics.
  4. Set the timer for 10 minutes and see how much you can get clean –  I love how much progress you can make in just ten minutes. Usually if you have good base organization, getting everything in its place or at least off the floor can be a piece of cake. Take before and after pictures too if you need a little extra evidence!
  5. Eat the dang frog – I am a firm believer in this principle! Basically, the premise is do the task that’s scaring you the most or you’re the most apprehensive about. Sometimes, tackling a whole project can be super overwhelming, so I love to just commit to 20 minute chunks. I actually have a whole routine/schedule about this and would be happy to write another blog post about my productivity plan! From a funk standpoint though, crushing the thing you’re most scared of can do wonders for your motivation.

I am so confident in these steps and do them literally every time I’m feeling drained or low. These little tips get me back to feeling like myself and out of a funk in no time! Please comment below if you do any of these or will try them out!

XO, Kackie

Easy and Breezy Summer Outfit

summer outfit 4summe outfit 11summer outfit 7summer outfit 8summer outfit 5summer outfit 10summer outfit 2summer outfit 6summer outfit 9summer outfit 12

Hi y’all!

Today I am sharing an outfit so easy, you could put it together in your sleep! I love having staple basic pieces and adding in my favorite accessories for a look I KNOW works every time. It’s definitely my version of a uniform! This beautiful olive green t-shirt dress can be work either frontwards or turned around for a more appropriate look, for class or work days. I paired it with some serious arm candy and these new hoop earrings from Nordstrom. They are a touch more modern because they face front. To add even more gold to this outfit (because olive and gold are a match made in heaven!) I broke out my Sam Edelman gold gladiator sandals. It seriously took me less than five minutes to throw it all together and walk out the door for date night! For this look I got to play around with the Too Faced Sweet peach palette. It has so many excellent shades for summer and fall. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend picking it up ASAP!

XO, Kackie

Fourth of July River Cruise

fourth of july outfitIMG_6638fourth of july 6fourth of july 7Processed with VSCO with f2 presetfourth of july outfit 4fourth of july 8fourth of july outfit 5fourth of july outfit 3

Hi friends, happy Fri-Yay!

I hope everyone recovered well from Fourth of July festivities and your work week wasn’t too long after! Today I wanted to share with y’all the outfit I wore on the actual holiday. My parents came to visit me which was so wonderful and we went on a river cruise and had dinner then watched the fireworks from the boat! I would highly recommend it because it took sooooo much stress out of celebrating the holiday and was a ton of fun.

Since I was going to be on a boat, I wanted to be casual and comfy. I loved this beautiful ombre graphic tank from Old Navy (an American tradition!) I am also obsessed with Bauble Bar earrings so these little firecracker ones were absolutely perfect for the holiday. To keep with the casual theme, I went a bit outside of my comfort zone with ripped white shorts. I normally never wear ripped jeans but I love how they look on other people so I thought I would try. I love how the accessories “dress up” the very casual outfit while still looking boat ready!

You can also peep my very lovely boyfriend in this blog. He loves the Fourth more than any other holiday and is the biggest fan of the red, white and blue! He actually picked his shirt out independently of me and then I got the girl version because I loved the script on it. We ended up matching but who really cares? It’s a holiday!

XO, Kackie

Today I tried… Industrial Barre!

Today I Tried...Screen+Shot+2017-03-30+at+10.39.57+AM28b8b18a-cd3b-4bd9-9439-4ad6676bbaf4.jpg


Hi friends!

Today I am starting my Today I Tried Series, which covers new activities and adventures I have, but especially focusing on wellness! I have discovered quite the passion for healthier lifestyles since moving to Portland and decided to sign up for two weeks of Industrial Barre. I used a Groupon for 2 weeks of unlimited classes for 35 dollars, which I thought was a great deal. Everyone from the front desk assistant to the instructors were the nicest, most welcoming people. I was initially worried things might be awkward, but the people in my classes were super friendly too! Overall, I loved my experience and would definitely go back!

The Studios: They have two locations at Broadway and Sellwood in Portland. They are seriously some of the most beautiful workout facilities I have ever seen. It looks like the inside of a luxe sauna got turned into a barre studio inside a former factory from the 1940’s… if that makes sense. There are metal accents everywhere and absolutely beautiful wood and light fixtures. I felt right at home.

The Workout: This may be a bit controversial but I would actually say that these classes were harder than most workout or barre classes I’ve taken. They combine traditional barre moves with yoga and pilates (emphasis on the abs!) I loved the frequent lengthening exercises via “puppy” pose after intense bursts of bicycle abs. By far though, the hardest part personally was the thigh work. My legs were shaking so badly from all the work done on relevé. It burns like crazy when they have you add the band! One thing I wish was that there was more of an emphasis on arm work. Something about using free weights makes me feel so empowered!

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Definitely wear a tank top and leggings. Not only will you feel like a beautiful ballet dancer but your shirt won’t hang over your head in downward dog!
  2. Talk to people before the class. Ask how the instructor is, what their favorite move is, etc. I made multiple friends to struggle through the hour with this way!
  3. Make great use of their beautiful shower and restroom facilities afterwards. They have everything from conditioner to dry shampoo to curling irons to have you looking and feeling your best. It is important to note though that barre here isn’t the sweatiest of workouts. They do a great job of keeping the fans going!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried something like this or will try I Barre afterwards! I would love to hear about your experience.

XO, Kackie