Sephora Play Box: Iconic Edition

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Hi friends!

So as some of you may know, I am gladly suffering from a developing makeup addiction and when I saw that Sephora had an Iconic edition of their play box, I had to have it. I am a VIB Rouge and already subscribe to their play box monthly. While I could go further into detail about whether or not I find the play box itself worth it, I have to say the first ever iconic edition did not disappoint! These were all products I felt justified the price of 20 dollars considering these sample sizes are no joke. Without further adieu, here is my review!

YSL Lipstick in Bright Strawberry Pink: Okay as a Southern gal, I love me some bright lipstick! I get so many compliments whenever I wear red or bright pink and when I saw this was included, I knew it would make the perfect addition to my summer look. I already own two from the same line so I know that while the formula may not last long, the creamy texture and packaging to die for is certainly #worthit.

La Mer Moisturizing Cream: The only word truly appropriate for this cream is iconic. I felt ridiculous using it because my 22 year old skin has no business using a 350 dollar facial moisturizer. That said, this will make you feel so luxe and hydrated to the max! I’m saving it for special occasions.

Guerlain L’Or Primer: This facial primer has flecks of real 24k gold in it and is said to have firming benefits aside from making makeup last all day. At this point in testing, I was starting to feel like maybe this play box was better than me? Like it drank green smoothies and got its brows waxed all before I had even woken up. This magic in a bottle did make my makeup last a long time and I felt so fun using something that tati over on youtube has obsessed over herself.

Burberry Cat Lashes Mascara:  Okay so small *disclaimer* here I was born with some serious lash power naturally. I have been truly blessed by the hair gods with my full, ever-growing eyelashes and that means I get to be A LOT pickier about mascaras. If something actually makes a difference for me, that means it actually lives up to the hype. Most mascaras do relatively underwhelming transformations on my eyes and this mascara was no exception. Perhaps I am majorly uninformed, but I’ve never heard of Burberry as having amazing mascaras… it felt a bit clumpy and didn’t separate nicely on the lash. The wand was almost unusable due to it’s extreme hour glass shape. Oh well. Better luck next time? I’m sure it works great for others, it just wasn’t this gal’s fav.

Perfume: So I won’t go into too many details about these perfume selections, other than that they both smell great and are indeed very high end. I feel like perfume is such a personal ~journey~ and that telling you how I felt about these very expensive perfumes other than that they smelled nice wouldn’t be helpful. Take a magical journey to Sephora and test them on your skin. perfume should express who you are and even be a trademark. I know I take great care in building my “scent wardrobe” and these two would be a nice addition to anyone’s! I must say though, those bottles are the cutest.

Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments if you guys have ever tried out any of these or got the play box yourself!

XO, Kackie


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