Perspectives and preconceived notions shape our daily lives more than I usually reflect on. I know that I make many choices about my appearance based on how I would like others to perceive me. I wear glasses when I want to be taken seriously and  I wear business casual to work even though it’s not required.

We consciously act based on the understanding that these choices send a message about who we are, but do we as journalists ever think that our perceptions shape how we choose to cover our subjects or represent a source?

This video by PetaPixel explores the idea that photographers influence the outcome of portraits more than the subjects themselves. I know for myself, I will usually have an idea of what looks visually appealing, what has worked for me in the past, and what I want for my project in my head before I ever photograph someone. Add in details such as profession or hometown and I have my shot list.

Trying to cover someone from preconceived angles can ultimately hurt the creative process, but I also think it helps us establish a message. All of the photographs had a very specific tone and staging that communicated a lot about who this person is. As the viewer, I immediately had clues as to his identity and the angle of the story.

This can be a powerful tool with the ability to portray someone in a positive or negative light. I think it gives us the power to tell more about someone without using precious column inches. It reinforces, with good reason, the cliche that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Blogging in the Classroom

I love reading blogs. I love looking at them, I love writing them, I love how it feels to press publish. They are so personal and customizable I simply cannot help but to enjoy the creative process in this way. One of my favorite ways to learn about anything is by observing the work of talented individuals and this week in multimedia we get to critique our classmates!

Overall, I love getting to know my fellow 2150 friends this way. I feel like I learned a ton from them.

First I read Gaby’s blog. I was amazed at how much her voice, personality, and confidence shine through her blog. She is incredibly talented and has clearly done this for quite some time. The design was very colorful and full of pictures. I will definitely be borrowing some of her personal touches and making mine that much more personal to me.

Next I read Maddie’s blog. Her titles were so. dang. funny, y’all. I sit next to her in class every day and it was fantastic to see her sense of humor shine through this medium as well. The writing was constructed beautifully as well.

Lastly I read Kayla’s blog. Can I just say first off her selections for picture of the year were phenomenal?? Some of the most compelling images I’ve ever seen. I think her artistic eye is a treasure for the community.

Overall, I would encourage my classmates to customize their blogs a bit further. Their titles are all their names and it would be fun to add a bit more personality there. I also think an about me section could really strengthen their already interesting blogs. Thanks for the lessons, ladies