Picture of the Year International

One of the most amazing things about attending the top journalism school in the country is the overwhelming stream of excellent content making its way through our doors. Whether it’s being published by Vox, shown at the True/False Film Festival or created by MOJO Ad, there is no shortage of creativity and learning to be soaked up. It is incredibly exciting to be a part of this environment. This month, the School of Journalism has had the pleasure of hosting the Picture of the Year International judging competition! There are countless images of exemplary quality under our roof and today, I will review some of my favorite winners from the 2016 finalists.


  1. “Mourning Freddie Gray” This photo is the epitome of powerful. The desperation, strength and despair these men have is incredibly compelling. I love that this photo is in black and white, especially considering the context of race relations in America.


  1. “Naadam Jockey” This picture is fun. It’s reminiscent of childhood, imagination and simplicity. The lines in this picture are visually flawless. Everything from the posture of the boy, the position of the ball, and the paths in the hill make this an excellent work of art.


  1. “Political Theater” This picture does an excellent job of being an original idea and political commentary all at once. I recently heard someone describe politics in America as a reality TV show and I love the hints of puppetry or masks evident in the photo.


Be sure to check out all of the winners and even catch a glimpse of the process here!

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